How We Got Started

Hello! Thank you for checking out Headbanditz! I'm Rachel and I've been an athlete since I was a young child and over time grew tired of having my hair fly everywhere distracting me from my workouts. However, I also wanted something that I could style my hair quickly with but still have it be fun and fashionable.

I love bold, bright beautiful colors and patterns.  I needed a headband that could be washed and still maintain it's shape. Most importantly, I needed a headband to stay on my head! I've sewn since I was 12 years old so I set out and crafted a headband that fit my head, my style and is multi-functional.

Along comes HeadBanditz! HeadBanditz are designed to be worn down slightly over your forehead while training to absorb sweat and keep hair in place. HeadBanditz can be worn wide (up to 4 inches) or in a combination of narrow widths depending on your preference. 

So whether you enjoy running, yoga, weight-training, biking, boxing, hiking or just a night out, HeadBanditz keeps you on the go in a fun yet fashionable style! 

Happy Training!